Septic Inspection in Jacksonville, Florida

Septic System Inspection

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What do septic inspection and maintenance involve?

An experienced septic company that has the right tools and to facilitate the inspection of the drain pipes without hurting the surrounding drain fields. Sometimes we use long snake tubes and specially designed cameras to check everything that is going on within the tubes. We also make sure to check that there are no tree roots that are growing into the pipes causing them to crack and also blocking the path. These processes should discover any problems, so that you know what immediate actions to take to curtail any issues.

The Importance of a Septic Inspection

Are you thinking of buying a home?

This might mean that you’re buying one that has a septic system. As part of the home inspection process, We recommend that the buyers order a septic inspection from a licensed septic like A1 Septic Service early in the option period of the contract. A septic system inspection isn’t inexpensive, but it can prevent future issues. There are several types of inspections that we can do. A walk-over is a very simple inspection and doesn’t tell you much. When the inspector is satisfied that the system has water flowing from through the septic tank to the drain field, he walks over the drain field to see if there is any visual evidence of sewage at the surface. I recommend ordering a more detailed inspection, which usually takes about two hours. The inspector uncovers the tank lid or lids and then pump the tanks. After this has been done, the we check the tank visually to make sure the structural integrity of the tank is good.



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